Healthcote Country Lodge Healthcote Country Lodge

Floor Plan

First Floor

8. Foyer
D1. Dining room / Multi purpose room.
K1. Fully equipped kitchen
L1. Lounge 1
L2. Lounge 2
B1. Bedroom
B2. Bedroom
B3. Bedroom
B4. Bedroom
B5. Bedroom
Bedrooms 3, 4 and 5 combine to make one unit with its own bathroom, toilet and sitting room.

Ground Floor

D2. Dining room / Multi purpose room.
K2. Kitchenette
L3. Sitting room
B6. Bedroom
B7. Bedroom
Bedrooms 6 and 7 combine with sitting room, kitchenette, bathroom and toilet to form a self-contained unit with its own private entry.
9. Outdoor entertaining area with gas BBQ.
10. 12.5m swimming pool.
11. Multi purpose workshop space.
Laundrette with 5 washing machines and 2 dryers.